Safety & Security window films

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What is screen protector?

Protective window film - polyester or mylar film, the strength of which ensures the protection of glass objects covered with it: windows, showcases, partitions, fences, etc.

Protect any glass

The glass of your building, house, apartment or car will be protected by a window film.

The film will not change your interior

The film is practically invisible on your window, but it is an armor for your property.

Protection of any class

The class of the protective film depends on its thickness (from 100 microns to 400 microns), the number of film layers and the thickness of the glue itself.

For us, your safety is most important

The film is installed both for safety - shatterproof glass, and for the safety of property.

Where can you install?

Private houses, apartments, summer cottages, cars, boats, yachts. Schools, kindergartens, train stations, glass fences, balconies and loggias. Banks, shop windows, museums, bulletproof glass, glass roofs, elevators.