Solar Control window films

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Sunscreen films are specifically designed to combat problems related to the intensity of the sun's rays.

Temperature control

The interior can be heated to temperatures uncomfortable for people in summer, and sometimes it can be too cool in winter. Window mirror films remove these extremes and maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the rooms. This is very important for pharmacies, medical warehouses, grocery stores, food processing shops, schools, etc.


Eliminates glare that interferes with normal computer use and TV viewing - Strong light can be a big problem for your eyes. Window tinted films protect against fatigue, eye strain, increasing productivity by eliminating the need to close curtains or blinds.

Energy efficiency

Window heat-saving films reduce heating costs in winter and air conditioning in summer. Thus, you make your contribution to the protection of nature.

Burnout protection

Protection of the interior and objects from burnout, which is very important for museums, boutiques, cosmetic stores, furniture stores, etc.

For winter gardens

The growing popularity of conservatories has exposed the problem of excessive heat gain from roof glazing. Sunscreen films can be applied to reflect unwanted heat and glare that can be detrimental to plants.

Safety glass

When installing any film, the glass becomes shatterproof - safe. This is very important in crowded places where there are small children - in schools, kindergartens, sports centers, etc.

One-sided opacity

Protection from viewing, prying eyes of houses, apartments, offices. Tinted, mirror films have the effect of one-way visibility in the daytime. Being on the ground floor of apartment buildings, offices, security rooms, you will not need to use curtains or blinds. You can enjoy the views of the landscapes outside the window.

Ease of care

All our films have a layer that protects against mechanical damage. Easy to clean with any windshield wiper and do not accumulate dust, unlike curtains and curtains.